Family Photos

Judy Kutz; My Mom with Santa taken in the mid 50's before she was married and I was born. Steve 1964; Here I am getting ready to go to the gig at about 3 years old.

Judy's 60th Birthday Bash

Judy Meisner, not too shabby at 60. Band Jam #2.  L-R David, Bill H., Larry, Bill G., Rick & Me. Band Jam.  L-R David, Larry, Cousin Jerry, Me. Family.  L-R Whitney, Me, Austin, Barb, Tyler, Lindsey, John, Michelle, Judy & her Mom Bernice.

Misc. Pics

Steve and Carter - April 1989 (Easter...can ya tell?) Fans @ St. Veronica's Church Fest, July - 2000  Barn Dance 1983; The original group. Carl Hartmann, Larry Sokolowski, Me, Rick Hartmann on Drums. April Steve & Nikki; Tis me with my god child Nikki and her sister April at Gemuetlichkeit Days in Jefferson WI. Baldoni Demo; This was taken in Grand Rapids, MI in the mid 80's. My Dad & I were demonstrating the new Baldoni accordion's and electronic's.

Bob & Irene Bonnert at Nick's Nicabob, Milwaukee, WI. Candy & Dick at Nick's Nicabob, Milwaukee, WI. Ben Craven jammin' to Steve's music Steve & Breezy Gerry & Larry; Larry drives bus on some of our trips, Gerry keeps him awake! Cousin's Ellie & Zeke Hartmann from FL with his new Freight Liner. Steve & Helen Roth: She passed away in early 2002. Steve, Austin & Grandma Breezy Dale, Mark, Emily & Norm Brown, Billy & Steve at the Brown's 50th Anniversary. Rose Steve Mark Jessica Steve & Nancy Wandt from CO. @ the Schwabenhoff, Menomonee Falls, WI. L-R, Harry Faint, Me, Concertina Millie, Denny Bucar, Craig Ebel drums.  Steve & Ms. Ignasiak @ Pulaski Inn.  Former owner of Vet's Park John Ignasiak's sister. Steve in Willard, WI; Me and boys at Willard Polka Fest around 1995. I've played this gig for close to 15 years. L-R Cliff Penniston, Joe Grilli, Larry Sokolowski, Me. Steve & Bob J; Same time period. Bob Jonas & Me. I'm taking banjo lessons from Bob.

Mid 80's at a Jam session in Cleveland, OH at the Holidome November 27th. L-R Denny Bucar, Bob Doszak, Me, Danny Klanica. Deb Steve & Christa at the Essen Haus, Madison, WI. Ed Gigowski is a fan from Waukesha. This pic was taken around 1939 at the Wetward Ho on Greenfield & Beloit Ave. in Milw. Bill Schroeder-sax, Ed Gigowski-accordion, Buddy Beek-drums. Roger John

Karie Billy Jimmy Jerry Verne, Virginia & Steve @ Pulaski Inn Cudahy, WI Nick BetzWalter, Ben & Ellie, Steve & Verne at Mark Jansen's Polka Fest in Saulte Ste. Marie, MI - 1999 Norm Steve Steve Bernice Steve & Marty; Marty wrote words to a song I originally recorded on the Meisner Mini Concert with out words "Jonie's Melody". Carol & Don Elmer at the White Horse Inn, Whitewater, WI. Eddie Blazonczyk Jr. & Janet Buzcek from CO. Tops Nancy & Steve; Tops Cardone use to play 2nd accordion with Frankie Yankovic and many box players incorporated his style including Joey Miskulin. Nancy Seibert is an accordionist from IN. This was taken at Sterle's Country House in Cleveland, OH. Steve & Nikki; My god child at Jefferson, WI Verne Andy & Steve @ Blob's Park in Jessup, MD  Verne, Virgil Steve & Eric; Virgil Baker is an accordionist from Grand Rapids, MI. This was taken at the Kewadin Casino in Sault Ste. Marie, MI. Nancy Karie Barb
Little Derrick playing with the band at the Humboldt, IA mid-west polka fest.