2003-2004 "Time Passes Quickly"


As time ticks on I realize how little time there is!  I also realize how necessary it is to spend my time wisely with matters of importance.  So, I will begin this years letter telling you about our new releases.

Many of you are aware of my 5 year journey to complete a Christmas CD.  It is now reality and became more than I ever expected it to be.  Released in December “Forever Christmas” features 19 seasonal & original selections including my original “Tundra Serenade” from the new Miramax movie release “Chump Change”.  This recording also includes performances by Verne Meisner, the Steve Meisner Family, cousin’s Kevin Hartman and Gary Meisner, Eric Noltkamper, Lynn Marie Rink, Dale Stelzer, Bill Micale, Gary Hendrickson, & many more.

NOW AVAILABLE!  The Miramax movie release of “Chump Change” is now available on DVD.  I have acquired a limited quantity for those of you who have anxiously awaited this release featuring original Meisner songs and Steve Meisner and his Band.  News Week magazine gives Chump Change an “A” rating!

Also new this year!  Verne Meisner has re-released a remastered CD version of one of his most popular recordings “Polkarina”.  This CD features such great Meisner hits as “Sugar Bush”, “Ukrania”, “River Boat Rag”, and “Curt’s Waltz”.  You can order any of these new releases via the enclosed order form or with a credit card by visiting www.stevemeisner.com.

I was fortunate to be a part of two movie premiere’s this year.  The before mentioned Chump Change in November and in September a film about rural life in Wisconsin during the 1940’s was premiered called Red Betsy.  My original composition “Meisner Magic” was featured during a scene where the old radio was being played.  My thanks to Steve Burrows, Andrew Lang, and Jim Black for allowing me to share in these wonderful opportunity’s.  Visit my web page for more details on all movie releases.

I am honored to announce that on June 25th, 2004 I will be inducted into the Polka Hall of Fame in Chisholm, MN.  I believe this honor will make me one of polka music’s youngest inductee’s. I’m not sure I’m ready for this but do appreciate the honor.

Time passing quickly has never been more evident than by watching our children grow up.  Barb & I spent much of last year helping our daughter, Whitney, prepare for her 18th birthday next month, her High School graduation this year, and making that giant leap into adulthood.  She has taken an interest in photography as well as furthering her music interests by studying the bass guitar.  She recently joined a band and we’re looking forward to their first performance.

We had to make room for another car in the driveway last year as Lindsey, now 16, studies to take her drivers license test in April.  She doesn’t seem to be as anxious to drive as Whitney was, however, my experience riding with her tells me she will be a good driver.  Lindsey continues to grow artistically and both girls have been dabbling in clothes & Jewelry design.  They have been selling their creations on the internet and are discovering the world of merchandising, (on a small scale of course).

Austin still loves his sports.  Last year Barb & I witnessed his championship soccer performance.  Then he moved on to baseball and is now in basketball.  I think he just likes anything that involves the art of throwing, kicking, or hitting a ball!

We all immensely enjoyed what could very likely be our last family vacation together since Whitney will soon be 18 and probably start to be busy in her own life.  In January Barb, I and Children sailed aboard the Grand Princess for a 7 day Caribbean cruise sponsored by Kollander Travel.  It was a wonderful and well needed working vacation for me and just a well needed vacation for Barb.  I was joined by the Eddie Rodick Band, Adam Barthalt, and nearly 70 fans from around the country.  Barb & I agreed that it was, by far, the best cruise we have ever been on!  We will cherish the many fond memories from this trip.

As time passes very quickly I am also reminded that it is already time to celebrate my 26th anniversary in the music business.  Last year I tried something different and ran a two day 25th special anniversary event.  Attendance was from as far away as California and New York.  Those who attended had so much fun that I was convinced that it would be worth turning into an annual event.  So, it is with pleasure that I announce that we will do it again this year March 6th & 7th with special guests Gaylord Klancnik from Michigan, Eddie Klancnik from Nashville, and Denny Anderson from Minneapolis as well as Yours Truly and the Boys.  Please see the enclosed flyer for details.  Many thanks to everyone for attending last year and I hope to see you again this year.

Thank You for being a fan and a friend, and also for being a part of my family in music’s past, present & future!

God Bless,

Steve Meisner